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PC/Mac Services
We provide Apple and PC computers repair from Olympia area up to Bellingham area. If your computer needs repair please call us at (360) 292-9958 or email us at A friendly technician will get your PC up and working in 1-2 days.

Remote PC Services (Per or Monthly)
We provide remote troubleshooting on a per issues base or monthly. On a monthly basic we would login to your system once to clean up virus, ad-ware, spy-ware, and tool bars that you have caught last month. Its like going to the doctor monthly keeping the health up to date.


In order for us to provide free webhosting we would will be placing a popup or banner on your website in exchange for webhosting. Please email to request an account. Please include purpose of the webhosting, space and bandwidth requirements.

Runing your own business? Want a webpage of your own? Or even having a website design by Invincible Host for your friends/family could be yours at affordable prices. Please email to discuss what you like for our staffs to give you a quote

Invincible Host has staffs who are capable of creating web applications to suit your needs from php, perl, cgi, asp, and many other web languages. Contact for a FREE quote on your applications needs.

This service is those who aren’t comfortable installing web applications. We can install almost all PHP, Perl, MySQL scripts for you. Installatoin charge start from $10. If you need any script installed, contact us with script details, we can provide you a quote.

Invincible Host now host teamspeak servers for game freaks out there. Check out our atractive plans here