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TeamSpeak plans are listed below. If any of these plans doesn't fit what you need. You're welcome to email us at sales@invinciblehost.com

TS10 10 Users $4.40 / Month
TS20 20 Users $7.80 / Month
TS40 40 Users $14.60 / Month
TS60 60 Users 21.60 / Month
TS80 80 Users $28.20 / Month
TS100 100 Users $35.00 / Month
TS120 120 Users $41.80 / Month
TS140 140 Users $48.60 / Month
TS160 160 Users $55.40 / Month
TS180 180 Users $61.40 / Month
TS200 200 Users $69.00 / Month

 24 HR Setup or FREE Hosting 1 Month
After finishing our 4 step ordering process, your server will be setup within 24 hrs or its free 1 month. Your TeamSpeak server details will be emailed to you following the order process.
 24/7 Dedicated Support
Our support team is here for you 24 hours a day, everyday of the year. The easy to use helpdesk system allows you to receive blistering fast responses to any of your server questions.
 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
While we promise that our servers will be online as much as possible, our uptime guarantee allows us to find a common ground between reliable server uptime without compromising server security. By utilizing a very small maintenance schedule, we ensure all servers are running at optimal levels and that server security is always at its best.
 Full Admin Rights / Controls
All clients are provided with admin rights and have complete control over the specifications of their server. You can control your server name, welcome message, codecs used, server password, user manager, group permissions all by default. We do not limit how you configure your server; you have FULL Admin Rights.
 High Quality Codecs
Your TeamSpeak comes with all the highest Quality Codecs available.
 No Bandwidth Limits / Restrictions
Our TeamSpeak doesn't have any bandwidth lmiits. You pay for the slots you need and never have to worry about bandwidth and other fees.
 Fast & Robust Servers
All servers being utilized for TeamSpeak hosting are all running Intel Dual Xeon 2.8GHz Processors, 2048MB DDR RAM, 74GB 10k RPM SATA HDD and are connected to 100Mbps Uplink Ports to ensure you have a quality TeamSpeak experience.
 Admin Control Panel
After your order, you will be given a link to your Admin Control Panel to manage users and change your TeamSpeak settings.
 Upgradeable / Downgradeable
All packages are ungradable and downgradable. Simple e-mail support@invinciblehost.com to get your package changes.

- What is VoIP? - What is TeamSpeak 2?

Short for Voice over Internet Protocol, a category of hardware and software that enables people to use the Internet as the transmission medium for telephone calls by sending voice data in packets using IP rather than by traditional circuit transmissions of the PSTN. One advantage of VoIP is that the telephone calls over the Internet do not incur a surcharge beyond what the user is paying for Internet access, much in the same way that the user doesn't pay for sending individual e-mails over the Internet.


TeamSpeak 2
TeamSpeak is an application which allows its users to talk to each other over the internet and basically was designed to run in the background of online games. The voice quality and hereby the bandwidth usage is configurable and can be low for modem users or as good as normal phone calls for better connections. Still the client's maximum bandwidth won't exceed 25.9 KBit/s (=3.3 KB/s) upstream. Also TeamSpeak uses as little latency as possible, which makes TeamSpeak one of the best online gaming communication programs. TeamSpeak has a lot more features than these basics, but even unexperienced users don't have to be scared. As TeamSpeak is divided into a server and a client application, advanced users can set up a TeamSpeak server, which is so to say the meeting point for the clients. This means that beginners can just fire up the client, connect to a server and talk to their friends. After the first small steps they will discover a whole variety of features that give TeamSpeak a high rating when it comes to voice chat tools as well. But one of TeamSpeak's largest advantages is: TeamSpeak is a cross-platform voice communication tool. This means that client and server are available for Windows as well as for Linux. It doesn't matter which operating system you use any longer, you can talk "across the border". And yes, special greetings to the large MAC community, a MAC version of TeamSpeak is planned already.