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Below are list of scripts that we have set prices for. Please understand the prices are set base on the difficulties of the installation. Prices depends on how long it takes for the installation/upgrades and how hard it is. If you dont see the scripts that you want to have installed please contact sales@invinciblehost.com with your scripts details and we'll send a quote back a.s.a.p.

Common Scripts Installation Prices:
Scripts Install Upgrade Scripts Install Upgrade
vBulletin $10 $20      
--MoD/Hacks $10 $10      
phpBB $5 10      
--MoD/Hacks $5 $5      
CoppermineGallery $10 $5      
ModernBill $50 $25      
ClientExec $10 $10      
WHMCS $30 20      
PhotoPost $10 $10      
Openads $10 $5      
CuteNews $10 $5      

- What is this Service? - Scripts not listed? No PROBLEM!

We provide script installation and server admnistration service for web masters and online marketers.
We install almost all PHP, Perl, MySQL scripts for you at a small cost. Each installation starts from $10 depending on the script level of difficulties.

If theres no price for the script you want any script intalled, please contact us with script details, we can provide you a quote at sales@invinciblehost.com