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InVinHost - Remote Management/Assistant !

What is Remote Management/Assitance?
Remote management is a new technologies that allow InVinHost technitions to connect to your computers on demand to provide:

a.) Monthly Security Updates & Optimizations $35/month *
b.) troubleshoot your issues/instant help $15/Per Issues
c.) Software Installations/upgrades $25Per Sessions/Phone Call
* Require monthly subscriptions of the required service.

GREAT! How do I use this service?
First you must follow a few simple instructions below:

Step 1:
Going to the following link to register your computer with InVinHost remote management support.


Step 2: Type in your computer name

Step 3: Installing LogMeIn Software

Step 4: Type In Access CODE : invinhost
This is the most important step of all. YOU must type ihhelp (all lowercase)

Step 5: Pick Up Dial 360-292-9958 and a technition may begin to assist you with your issues.