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About InvincibleHost
Invincible Host started out as a small business. The Founder is Trong Nguyen (aka Cardin). I started hosting my own websites for serverals years and been monitoring servers for VnToday.org from 2000-2002 till our budget was out of support so it forced us to close down that server.
Now with a suggestion from a lawyer, Thomas Fowler, whom lives in Taxes suggestion that I should start my own business one day. Site is officially open on January 20, 2004 for business.

Though InVinHost is new to many eyes but technology has helped us become a better hosting service. InVinHost promise to deliver the best hosting experiences. We gurantee 95% uptime! Though I can say I gurantee 99% uptime, but to the fact we all know that isn't true. Hence, 5% of that I can not promise due to outrage and other factors of server problems.

Invincible Host has closed down as of 12/31/2008 due to lost of customers. We are currently in the process of reconstruction Invincible Host to launch a whole new approach.

For now we provide local PC Repairs & Other Services

Trong Nguyen (a.k.a Cardin)
InVinHost Founder

Server Info - All of our servers run a P4 atleast.
Main Server
Intel(R) Dual Xeon(TM) CPU 2.80GHz
2 Gig 2700 DRR Ram
143 Gig SCSI Harddrive + 40 Gig Backup